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Top 5 benefits of Gym workout

  1. Weight Control:

A work out in the gymnasium helps you to burn calories and efficiently control weight. It makes you a fitter person, helps you lose the excess weight that your body needs to shed. It is an efficient way to also maintain the right weight. This, in turn, keeps you more fit and active.

2. A great way to relieve stress:

Exercising is a great way to get rid of the stress that builds up in your body, every day. Any physical workout releases endorphins (a type of hormone) into the body. These are referred to as the body’s natural painkillers and the brain’s feel-good chemicals. They trigger positive feelings. They help in having a happy and stressless state of mind. You get into very emotionally happy state.


3. Sweat is just fat crying!

When you go to a gym, you literally sweat it out. You are removing toxins from the body. By exercising every day, you are working towards your goal of losing the fat in your body. You get to have a toned and fit body.


4. Get a Healthy Heart:

No one can set aside the fact that regular exercising not only helps you have afit body but also helps you to have a healthy heart.  A daily exercise helps strengthen the heart muscle, allowing it to pump blood more efficiently without much strain. A great workout at the gym helps to lower the blood pressure, cholesterol levels, thereby significantly reducing the risk of developing heart diseases.









5. Boosts up your self-confidence:

A regular gym workout would probably make you fitter and toned up. But did you know that it also improves your confidence levels? Physical fitness often boosts self-esteem and creates a very positive self-image. You start to feel good about everything and more importantly about yourself!

Having read about the great benefits of martial arts and a gym work out, it is now left to you to decide what works out best for you. The fact is both the forms help you achieve your fitness goal. Each system has its own advantages over the other. Just as everyone’s needs differ, so do the workouts. Analyse what you would like to achieve and work towards your goals.

Martial arts are a beautiful blend of a total body workout with learning self-defence skills. A gym workout makes you look good, with a toned, fit body and a healthier lifestyle. Both forms teach you something new that can improve your life. While martial arts teach you to fight, gyms, on the other hand, make you look good and fit.

One thing that cannot be undermined here is that you need to be serious about a long term association with either martial arts training or a gym workout, to attain the benefits of each system.






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